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We now have 6,000 members! Thank you to everyone who has joined so far. Since we launched, the site has generated over 115,000 Facebook, twitter and Instagram followers with a total of over 650,000 page impressions!
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Follow4Follow is delighted to inform its members that we have given away 100,000 followers, subscribers, likes and views to our members since we launched. PowerHouse!
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What a way to start a Friday. Biggest traffic on the site EVER in one day, just hit the 5,000 registered members mark AND its currently being spoken about on twitter every 20 seconds! Now thats what you call VIRAL
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Thank you to all our fantastic members who report accounts which are not working on our system. All of these have been looked at and cleaned off the system. Thank you for making it an efficient and effective system
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We just launched traffic surf. Its the easy way to get loads of coins. Login today and then head over to
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